Reclaiming Flavour - Full day cooking with ethical poultry

Reclaiming Flavour - Full day cooking with ethical poultry


Saturday 27th July

Disappointed with the poultry options available in Australia, and craving the flavours experienced in French cooking, Fiona went on a self taught journey into preparing and cooking with different, more traditional poultry.

This full day workshop brings together all of the skills and recipes shown in the two half day workshops - All About Duck and Reclaiming Flavour: Half Day Cooking with Ethical Poultry. It is intended to be a hands on workshop, with participants encouraged to get involved!

We’ll start with teaching you to break down a whole birds into all of its delicious parts followed by taking you through the best way to prepare and cook all of the cuts. We’ll cover brining, confit, roasting, cooking the perfect duck breast, making stock, and rendering fat.

You’ll head home with confidence, skills and some delicious duck and spent hen!

Recipes will be provided at the end of the workshop. Only a basic understanding of cooking and simple tools at home are needed.

A delicious lunch is included.

All poultry used in the workshop is grown at Vue du Volcan Farm or by our regenerative poultry farming peers from around the region.

Maximum number of workshop attendees: 15

9am to 4pm

Workshop will be run at Jonai Farms, Eganstown

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