Our Pastured duck


How we produce the duck

Pastured animals are healthier and happier as they get to live on the land, as nature intended. Every decision we make on the farm prioritises the welfare of the ducks, the flavour of the end product, and the regeneration of the land.

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We hatch all our ducklings from our breeding flock here on the farm. As part of this breeding process, we are seeking to strengthen genetics, and are even trialling moulards, a french style cross-breed of muscovy and pekin ducks.



Once hatched, the ducklings go into brooders that we designed and built ourselves. The brooders are floorless so that the ducklings are on fresh pasture from day one, whilst still keeping warm. This also means they can forage for bugs and other tasty things, just like in nature. We move the brooder daily to ensure the ducks have fresh ground to forage, and that the right amount of fertiliser (courtesy of the duck's bum) hits the ground.



Our adult ducks are grown for 14 weeks in a fully pastured system. They are surrounded by electric netting, protected by a Maremma guardian dog, and moved regularly to keep them on fresh pasture. This is great for both the ducks and the land. It’s great for the food, too - the flavour benefits, as does the composition of the fat, which is good for you thanks to the omega-3 fatty acids.



We feed the ducks grain that we source directly from nearby farmers (some grown specifically for us), all GM-free, and ground fresh to maximise nutrient density. We also use local waste products like spent brewers' grain and stone fruit when available.



We also do all our own butchery, transforming the meat into fresh cuts and delicious products like smoked duck breasts, duck stock, and other charcuterie.

Oh, and we sell direct to all you ethical eaters who value the very best produce. That's one of the best ways to know that our duck tastes amazing - you tell us!