Veal Pack

Veal Pack


Beautiful Vue du Volcan Farm pastured veal - a true terroir experience. Seven month old, pasture raised Jersey calves. Each pack contains a range of cuts, each pack differing slightly. Potential cuts include - t/bone steaks, chump steaks, rump steaks, schnitzels, rack roasts, flank rolled roasts, brisket rolled roasts, shanks, stewing veal, mince and bones. The meat has a lovely pink blush with a delicate, tender flavour. Packs are approx 9 kg.

Delivery to Melbourne, Mornington Peninsula, and Central Victoria.

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The 4 week old male calves (a by-product of the dairy industry) are sourced from an organic dairy in the western district of Victoria. They go straight out onto the pasture at Vue du Volcan Farm, with access to shelter for protection from the elements. The calves are moved daily onto fresh grass and are fed milk for a further 12 weeks (weaning at 16 weeks). Beyond 16 weeks, the calves feed exclusively from the lush pastures at Vue du Volcan Farm. Using holistic management principles, the calves are moved regularly (usually once a day), resulting in happy, healthy animals; healthy pastures and increased soil carbon and water. This management style is a continuation of the same philosophy of our pastured duck operation. Being fed solely from the pastures of Vue du Volcan Farm results in a flavour that is truly a terroir experience. The veal reflects the unique taste of Vue du Volcan Farm