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Community Supported Agriculture - CSA

We’re sold out of CSA shares and duck for the season! If you would like to go on our waiting list - please fill in the form below and we will notify you if any shares become available. We’ll also make sure that those on our waiting list will be the first to hear if we have any additional duck to purchase each month.

CSA - Community Supported Agriculture - is a membership model of purchasing produce from farmers that helps farmers plan ahead for production, and helps ethical eaters to connect directly with farmers. It’s a bit like pre-purchasing - you commit to and pay for a season’s worth of food (called a ‘share’), and the farmer has certainty and sovereignty over what they produce.

The Vue du Vulcan Farm CSA runs for a six month season, meaning you will get a delivery of your share each month for six months. If you sign up part way through the season, you’ll pay and receive for the remaining months of the season. Your share will be delivered to your door each month. Deliveries are available to Melbourne and central Victoria (Kyneton, Castlemaine and Daylesford region).

In signing up for our CSA, you’ll also have the opportunity to visit the farm for a guided tour, have first access to additional products (like spent hens, pastured veal, pate, eggs and fruit), as well as delicious Vue du Volcan products you can’t get any other way.

The payment options are either for the season (in advance), or monthly (ahead of each delivery). The upfront payment price include a discount, which is applicable to signs ups before the end of February.


Whole duck $240

One whole duck, approx 2kg in size.


Duck Pack $400

Includes approximately 1.5 duck’s worth of cuts including two breasts, two marylands, two wings, frames, unrendered fat, and sausages. Would suit a 2-3 person household.


Poultry Pack $1100

Includes two duck packs (Share 2) and four spent hens. Would suit a 4-6 person family.


Charcuterie pack $510

Includes two smoked or cured duck breasts, two confit duck legs and wings, rendered duck fat, duck stock and sausages. For those who love duck, but want someone else to do the cooking!

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Please fill in the form below to sign up for the Vue du Volcan Farm CSA

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Choose which CSA pack you'd like to receive each month. See the CSA page for more details about what's in each pack.
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